Just posted my first poem on tumblr. Please give feedback

You come to me for shelter
i goto you to free these demons.
I am cloaked in all black.
I’m the grim reaper
You are my enemy You try to annihilate me with your rays of hope
Is it working?
I’m hypnotized by your movement
Something similar to a serpent
It’s my time to shine
I bring you under my cloak and show you what lies
Welcome to the dark side
Leave all of your good wills on the surface down here we get dirty.
We sin and hate
Leave your kindness atop of the
I love pain.
I enjoy the insults.
Give it to me and don’t you complain.
Your soul is mine
Inscribed on it is a map drawn from my scythe.
Use it to find me.
You know the circumstances.
Who knows the next time we’ll meet



1DX_8705 (by CANNIK)

Thank you Nigo 

John F. Kennedy Jr and his wife wearing Air Jordan VII and VI

Omg this is so beautiful. Rip them :(


Shoutsout to mannie fresh

Saw that nigga in silver spring last week lls
Drunk at hooters

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

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